Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ePayments : Make and Receive Payments Across International Borders! NEW ePayments Branded Prepaid Card!

The Electronic Payments Association (EPA) was set up for internet professionals who were tired of slow, expensive and unreliable access to their affiliate commissions. So now ePayments provide a cost-effective, fast and secure way for companies and individuals to make and receive payments across international borders. Membership is open to individuals and businesses involved in all areas of affiliate marketing. The easy to use platform helps members manage their commission income efficiently, and access their funds via a members only ePayments Prepaid Card. The EPA also helps Advertisers and Affiliate Networks significantly reduce their costs by making multiple commission payments more economically
The EPA is headquartered in London, and is managed by a team of experienced on-line payments professionals. ePayments partner with Wave Crest, a global expert in prepaid card issuing, program management, and specialised processing. ePayments also use Swiftcom Networks for the provision andmanagement of software applications for EPA including the website and integrated business systems.
What is an ePayments prepaid card? An ePayments prepaid card is the Electronic Payments Association branded prepaid MasterCard® account, which meets all up-to-date bank cards standards. It has a modern #chip (version 2.5), MasterCard SecureCode™ thechnology support, MasterCard PayPass ™ contractless payment technology support, and contemporary design.
On top of that, we have developed special fees, which are among the most attractive on the prepaid cards market.Two #currencies for the cards issue are available — USD and EUR.
To celebrate our birthday we are giving out a discount for ePayments card orders from 23 May to 23 June 2016. For 19.95 USD (16.95 EUR) you can place an order for an ePayments prepaidMasterCard™ and receive its first year of service for free! If you already possess an active ePayments MasterCard™ then the reissue and delivery of the new card will be free for you! You can follow the link to see all the advantages of the new card:
Order Your ePayments Prepaid Card.
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Saturday, May 21, 2016

ADZBUZZ: GET SOCIAL AND GET PAID !The Final Piece Of The ADZcoin Project Puzzle – Stand In Awe Of the Potential!

ADZBUZZ is kind of like a Facebook/Twitter combo, but there are some major differences which can make you money! Unlike Facebook or Twitter,they pay the users a share of the advertising revenue. Its free to sign up, but you get paid to refer/promote, like, share, post, etc. ✅ Here is the genius behind the project (follow me if you can.)
1) Just like Bitcoin, ADZBUZZ has created its own cryptocurrency, ADZcoin. This is actually genius and will make it able for the company to last long term.
2) ADZBUZZ has just launched a Chrome Browser extension which saves you money on online shopping by showing you the current promotional codes on each website you are on. So it is a win/win, you save money when online shopping and ADZBUZZ gets an affiliate commission. The revenue generated from this browser is then shared with the users that have the browser installed.
Join The Social Network That Pays YOU! ADZBUZZ pays you for being social with your friends and family. Why not get paid while doing what you already do right now?
ADZcoin is a special project and if you full understand the concept behind it understand this is a no-brainer deal, which in return will help us speed up the project development. In case you haven’t yet, make sure to join ADZBUZZ through this link here :
Together we will make it happen, and we’re very close to having everything ready for a massive launch. So make sure to Participate in the 5000 ADZcoin Contest and join ADZBUZZ to help seed up progress and nothing can change the ADZcoin viral concept to explode in the very near-future!
✅ (just put your email and confirm email souscription)
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

GET SOCIAL AND GET PAID : If Somebody Would Offer You Daily Payments For life Without You Having To Do Anything, Would You Accept it?

ADZcoin - A Decentralized Replacement For Online Advertisng ADZcoin has the potential to become to Google, Facebook and other ad agencies what Bitcoin has become to (central) banks!
The goal of ADZcoin is to become a replacement for online advertising, through the power of social media. ⭐ NOW 1 ADZ = 0.00007934 BTC +10%
HOW WILL YOU EARN? ADZcoins sent straight to your wallet every day sounds amazing right? Find out how we'll make that happen for the happy VIP's! - DON'T MISS OUT - Earn ADZcoin Daily For Life :
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Monday, March 7, 2016

GET FREE ETHEREUM : Cryptocurrency and a Blockchain Platform with Smart Contract Functionality!

If you track the crypto-currency news, you definitely have heard about a new promising rival to Bitcoin – Ethereum. This crypto-currency grows its volumes rapidly, and its price on the market increases as well. So what is this new digital currency and who thought it up?
Actually, Ethereum is a platform that helps to create decentralized application and, in particular, “make” new crypto-currency. To finance the project, Ethereum owners created and sold their own currency – ether. Selling had an outstanding success – they sold ether for about$15 million.
The creator of Ethereum is a 21 year old Vitalik Buterin, a genuine programmer, who wrote his first code in the age of 10. And Ethereum – the ideal blockchain – is his creation. Buterin says that the idea of Ethereum creation came from Daniel Suarez books (IT professional, author of techno-thriller novels). The moment when he got acquainted with Bitcoin, was crucial for his further career.
Let’s compare Ethereum and Bitcoin. Bitcoin system, blockchain, dealswith accounts and transactions only. Ethereum can deal with more complex problems and several more components. The program set up on Ethereum will be stored forever (because it is a decentralized system, and will be actually stored on many computers around the world). So, if we look from another side, all these computers, that havecertain information, are connected with Ethereum database and can be understood as one single powerful computer.
So, if we think of Ethereum as Facebook, for instance, our photos, personal info, etc. is shared with others, like programs through Ethereum. However, Facebook is centralized, and all the information iscollected in its servers and databases. So it has some regulations, terms, etc. Since Ethereum is decentralized, it doesn’t have any policy and is more democratic, giving the power to users.
As you may have noticed the price of Ethereum is currently skyrocketing (~ 10 USD) and the market cap became the second highest for all cryptocurrencies (~ 380 Mio USD). An easy to use Ethereum wallet is integrated at Bleutrade :
After getting your Ethereum address from Bleutrade, GET FREE Ethereum from the 3 Best Faucet :
1). Claim Free Ethereum every 10 minutes Here : ( click banner)
2). Claim Free Ethereum every 5 minutes Here :
3). Claim Free Ethereum every 10 minutes Here :
If you want to mine Ethereum or other Cryptocurrency i suggest to you Eobot : ✔ Over 369804 users and growing! ✔ Millions and millions of API hits every day ✔ Thousands of users online at any moment ✔ Free to use, real-time results, and withdraw any cryptocurrency anytime.
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Valorbit is a Cryptocurrency Similar with Bitcoin, Receive Premined Valorbits Using Facebook and By Sharing Valorbit Gifts with Friends!

val. jpg
✔ Valorbit is a crypto currency similar with Bitcoin! Receive premined valorbits using Facebook and by sharing Valorbit gifts with friends! Mine valorbits in classic PoW and PoS modes!
The Valorbit coin is Distributed By Humans (DBH)
Socially distributed by you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and over email. You have the power to decide who gets more not just some mining hardware. Deservedly get valorbit referral rewards from your Valorbit coin Network.
STEP 1 : Get a signup gift from Valorbit or from friends. You can get a gift even after you signup with email.
STEP 2 : Collect the gifts, The gifts are denominated in valorbits and can be collected anytime by adding Facebook to your Valorbit account. Gift valuation is higher for SMS verified Facebook accounts.
STEP 3 : Receive valorbits for collected gifts, some instantly and some overtime
You get a Valorbit address , just like on Bitcoin, and valorbits are transferred daily to your addresses. Right now you can access the received valorbits outside of Valorbit only by importing the private key into the Valorbit desktop wallet ( File->Import).
STEP 4 : Get more valorbits sharing gifts with friends by email and on social networks Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are supported at the moment.
You get credited with a gifting pool of valorbit to share gifts with friends. Track your valorbit marketing campaigns on all distribution channels (clicks, signups, collections ).
The higher your trust level on Valorbit the larger your gifting pool. Add Facebook for increased trust levels.
STEP 5: Friends collect gifts with Facebook to receive valorbits. Just press the [ Collect with Facebook ] button after your login to Valorbit
STEP 6 : You get referral rewards for the gifts that your invited friends collect. Ultimately this is how you can make a lot more than just the signup gifts. You are distributing valorbit coins to humans and that is something worth rewarding.
You only get referrals from directly invited friends whom collect the gift with Facebook.
Watch your gifts and referrals fully vest into your account and give the market a bit of time to assign VALue to your contribution to the Valorbit coin network.
Both you and your friends get a gift reward multiplier for collecting with SMS verified Facebook.
Activate at any time by adding SMS verification to your Facebook account and signing into you Valorbit account using Facebook. Once activated the reward multiplier applies to all gifts, past and future.You do not loose anything by adding it at a later time ( other than time of course ).
You can mine valorbits in classic PoW(scrypt) and PoS(2%) modes.These supported distributions are however secondary by volume to the DBH method..
✔ Earn free valorbit! if you registered now before the coin release its possible to trading on c-cex it is now in 1st rank and also listed in VixTrade, get free amount now and sell it later
When you register You will get a bonus for free from the site, and when you link the account with Facebook you will get a lot, publish your link and each entry of your link register you will get over1000 to 1000000!!
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Monday, February 22, 2016

Red Envelopes With Free Hashrate Promotion from OXBTC : GET 1 - 1000 GHS Randomly Free Gift !

✔ Red Envelopes With Free Hashrate Promotion from OXBTC!
The crypto mining and deposits with interest platform OXBTC has announced a Red Envelopes promotion in celebration to the Chinese New Year.
✴ This promotion allows newly registered users to get some free Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate at the platform absolutely free for 1 month. Depending on your luck you, when you open your Red Envolope, you might win between 1 GHS and 1000 GHS and the hashrate you get will be available in your account for 1 month and you get to keep all of the profits it generates without having to invest or buy anything. The duration of the promotion is between February 22nd and March 6th, so don’t miss your chance to get some free hashrate for a month and earn some extra BTC.
✔ Free 1 - 1000 GHS Randomly Free Gift
SIGNUP with OXBTC during the promotion period!! The red envelopes they prepared for you include 1-1000 GHS randomly as a FREE GIFT for you!!
✔ Please Join with me here :
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